The mint from Kitami, which used to account for 70% of the world’s mint!

Adjacent to the Kitami Mint Memorial Museum, the Mint Distillery offers three types of hands-on activities using Kitami mint as the main ingredient.

Option1 : Aromatic cream

Option2 : Fairy cream

Option3 : Aromatic spray

The product name is “Fragrance Petit”


location> Kitami Mint Distillery

dates> Held on open days

Click here for the Kitami Mint Memorial website.

*may be unavailable some days depending on staffing

<times> 10:00~11:30 / 13:00~14:00

*sessions are around 30 minutes

<price> ¥1,000 per person(including tax)(price is one option)

<Reservations & inquiries>

Kitami Mint Memorial Museum &  Mint Distillery