Access to Kitami

Access to Kitami

From the Airport

New Chitose Airport

about 45 minutes

Haneda Airport

about 105 minutes

Central Japan International Airport

about 110 minutes

※Direct flights, we are flying JAL · ANA · AIRDO.

From Memanbetsu Airport, please board the bus. (Approx. Time Required: 40 min.)

You can check the detail on the official website of Memanbetsu Airport.

From the JR

Express Okhotsk

Express Taisetsu

Please check the official website of JR Hokkaido.

From the Bus

Dolly mint Okhotsk



Warning: When you use the Sekihoku bus from Asahikawa area, you can get off but cannot get on at the Onneyu Terminal. Also, when you use it from Kitami area, you can get on but cannot get off. Please watch them carefully.
There is a bus that connect Kitami, Abashiri, Memanbetsu, Bihoro and Sapporo. Please check the detail on the official website of Kitami Bus.