About the history of Kitami and cultivation. 

A harsh winter in the Okhotsk district. 

The culture of Okhotsk people and its characteristics. 

About food they used to eat. 

Evolution of agriculture through mint production. 

One of the biggest appeals of Kitami is ‘food,’ from mint to onions. 

Please learn about this area for a more delicious experience.

Concept Movie

The best food and agriculture in Japan with vast farmland and the snowfield. 

Distillation experience with a sense of the romance of cultivation filled with the refreshing scent of mint. 

Please experience the tour with local food production and consumption in Kitami.

Short Ver

Under the snowfield,
there is the field in which agricultural products grow with love.

Under the snowfield you walk on with snowshoes, there are fields of onions and other crops, which we are proud of as the best output in Japan. You can not only experience the area but also feel the feelings of farmers and the stories of the land in Kitami, Okhotsk.  

The stories of the fish grown in the north area

The rivers in Hokkaido become frozen in the winter. 

You can’t see fish that live strongly near the riverbeds and swim in the basin of a torrential waterfall in any other aquariums.

The world's most blessed sea nurtures seafood in Lake Saroma.

Drift Ice to the Sea of Okhotsk raises deliciousness of seafood in this area.

They keep rich nutrients and good taste in their bodies. Please have a taste of the blessed seafood the Okhotsk people have loved since ancient times.

The mint industry that used to be the best in the world

Kitami’s mint industry used to account for 70% of the world’s share.

Please learn the history and culture of the mint industry that achieved a worldwide reputation.

Get to know the white flower beans in Kitami City.

Most people work manually in the field like forest spread over a large area, and the producers love them.
Please also enjoy delicious white lupine beans sweets.

Harvest herbs in Kitami City.

From the basics of herbs, you can learn how to use phytotherapy herbs in your daily life, efficacy, etc., and you can know what herbs are suitable for your physical condition.

Experience harvesting in Kitami and eat.

In the vast field, fresh vegetables are cultivated with the love of the land of Okhotsk and the producers. Vegetables harvested by yourself are very decilious.